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My Kitchen Remodel and Financial Literacy

Financial literacy does not only include a person’s ability to make the best investment decision in the stock market. It is not limited to wise financial decision making when deciding the best stock to buy and which to dispose. It is not only about making statistical analysis and calculation probabilities to make the best speculation about the stock markets.

portable table saw in my kitchen
My tore up kitchen.

This is a misconception and an excuse to many who may not want to take responsibility of poor financial decisions. The truth is that making prudent and wise decisions financially starts at the most basic levels. Even the smallest financial decisions can be used to tell of someone is a smart when making financial decisions. Additionally, this can form training ground and foundation for when you need to make the “big” financial decisions.

Take a scenario of a person making a decision on whether to redo their kitchen or not. There are many approaches the person could use. First, he can choose to do the kitchen himself and forego something else he should be doing. This way the person can save the money he could have paid a contractor. A person can also decide to hire a contractor. This is when there is more to lose they did the work themselves or when he lacks the skill set required.

The person now has to do some research on the best contractors to do the work. This is very similar to trading as one has to look into the trend a stock has before buying them. The person will look at various factors. For example location, price a contractor will charge, the references a contractor had.

Additionally, the person will look into the tools the contractor has. He will research for example which tools are needed. Maybe compare between a hybrid saw and a portable table saw and ask whether the contractor can use the better option. The person can use the references given to find out the stare of the equipment they use. Whether or not there is the possibility of the tools making worse of the situation. The price that the contractor charges is a big factor to consider given the kind and amount of labour and equipment required.

The person may also conduct a background check on the contactor, his employees and company to find out the chances of them mishandling the situation.

Based on all these factors, with the necessary due diligence conducted a person can decide on the best contractor. This is the very same thing that happens in investment companies and is what smart financial investors would do.

When are the United States Stock Market Holidays

Do stock brokers ever work?

There are several dates that are holidays for the United States stock market. These holidays are given for different national holidays that have cultural, religious, and political backgrounds. The first of these holidays is New Year’s Day on January 1st.

The United States stock exchange gets a holiday for New Year’s Day, because everyone stayed up all night on New Year’s Eve to celebrate the coming of a new calendar year.

The next holiday that the United States stock market receives is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on the third Monday of January. They receive this holiday in honor of the accomplishments of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.

They also receive the holiday of President’s day on the third Monday of February. They receive this holiday in honor of all the past Presidents of the United States, especially George Washington.

The United States stock exchange receives Good Friday as another one of their holidays on April 3rd. This holiday is in correspondence of the Christian holiday of Easter.

They also get Memorial Day, the last Monday in May, to remember the men and women of the armed forces who died while serving this country. They receive Independence Day as a holiday on July 4th to celebrate the United States’ independence from Great Britain.

The United State stock market also gets Labor Day as a holiday on the first Monday in September. This holiday is to remember all of the social and economic progress that has been achieved in American history.

The final two holiday that the United States stock market receive are Thanksgiving, celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, and Christmas, which is celebrated on December 25th.

Thanksgiving is given as a holiday to remember everything that we have to be thankful for and often take for granted. Christmas is given as a holiday in honor of the birth of Jesus Christ in the Christian faith.

These holidays are all important dates in the United States; and therefore, the United States stock exchange has received them as holidays.

So if you’re feeling like you don’t get enough holiday time, please become a stock broker!! :)

Low Gas Prices Pave the Way for Consumer Spending

A major phenomenon has been happening to the US economy recently and that is low gas prices.

cheap gas

We all love low gas prices, and being able to fill up gas tanks for about half the cost of a year ago. We feel good, and most importantly, we have more money left in the bank, or available on our credit cards.

This ‘feel good’ factor doesn’t just stop with our big smiles as we drive away from the pump with the needle happily jammed on ‘Full’, it extends to almost every walk of life. As a nation of consumers products have to be brought to us, and that often involves using gas at some stage. Businesses often seek a fixed percentage return on costs when retail pricing a product, so if costs go down, the retail price often goes down.

We don’t always realize it, but those low gas prices also translate into lower prices across the board in the home goods sector. Manufacturers and retailers for products as diverse as bed sheets and pillows such as J.C. Penney and Mart; shampoo brands such as Pantene, Neutrogena, and Dove; luxury soaps from Bath & Body Works; plus many other similar products – all these are affected by the price of gas.

Let’s not forget other items of luxury personal comfort as well, for example superb goose down comforters such as those sold by Pacific Coast comforters. Huge retailers like Target, Kohl’s, Walmart, CVS and Home Depot are finding their costs cut by low gas prices, and have to lower their prices to compete with each other – but will be able to keep the same profit margin on their products.

down comforter
Low gas prices create increased consumer goods spending.

The U.S. economy gained ground at the rate of 3% annual pace in the last quarter of 2014, boosted by a strong increase in disposable income due to low gas prices. Good growth like this boosts jobs, and this again puts more money back into the economy – something that was hard to find a couple of years ago. In time interest rates will increase to prevent the economy overheating, and this will claw back some of the extra circulating cash, but analysts do not expect this to happen for a while.

Everyday consumers have more available money left to spend on these all home goods items items, and so the joyful story continues as we head to the mall, boosting our country’s economy (and the retailer’s profits) when we get there by spending more – today’s low gas prices are truly great news for everyone!

Walmart’s New Plan to Help People Collect Tax Refunds

The retail superstore, Walmart, has a newly unveiled plan that will allow the American public to collect their tax refunds with relative ease and convenience. The program is called Direct2Cash, and it will provide people with the opportunity to pick up their state and federal tax refunds in cash at Walmart stores throughout the nation.

For those wishing to utilize Direct2Cash, there are some important details to keep in mind. According to Walmart officials, it is a unique program that is the first of its kind in the retail sector. In order to access Direct2Cash, customers must opt to get their taxes done by a participating tax preparer, some of whom are accessible at Walmart stores. Although Walmart will not charge a fee for the service, participating tax preparers may charge up to $7 for the service. The service will not be available at this time to those who e-file their taxes, or to those who file their own taxes.

Direct2Cash will be a welcome convenience to the ‘unbanked” sector of the American public, an estimated 10 million households who do not use banks, and who find it difficult to receive tax refunds via traditional methods of a check or by direct deposit to a bank account. Because the majority of unbanked Americans are within the lower income brackets, they are more prone to utilizing expensive check-cashing services, or to borrowing money via high interest loans granted against expected money refunds. People in such situations will tend to benefit from Direct2Cash, and Walmart is being praised by some community professionals for making such a service available to them.

Walmart stands to benefit significantly from Direct2Cash as well, which may enhance their customer base and provide a needed boost to counteract sluggish sales reports in recent years. The concept of a convenient tax refund service fits Walmart’s mission to provide one-stop-shopping for meeting the needs of the American consumer. If shoppers can purchase their household goods, get their hair done, see a health care professional, file their taxes, and obtain their refund all in one place, they may be more likely to shop at that establishment on a regular basis. It also will mean that shoppers walking Walmart store aisles will potentially have more money in their pockets to spend.

As Direct2Cash is unveiled in time for the 2015 tax season, Walmart officials are hopeful that it will be a service that is mutually beneficial to both the American public and to sales in their stores throughout the nation.

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Bed, Bath, and Beyond: Beyond the Bed and Bath to a Successful Bounty

Bed, Bath, and Beyond is a very successful company, despite what all retail companies face when they serve the public such as the growing use of coupons, building of new stores, remodeling current stores, and shipping items to customers that they order off of the internet. They, however, have used these expenses to make their profit margin even better and continue to grow in popularity. They are also a flexible company, which is very important in dealing with customers and the public in general.

Like any business in this day and age hopes to, Bed, Bath, and Beyond’s internet business is booming. They are also growing in this mobile age by adding cellular phone apps to attract more customers that way and improving their network system so stores can work better together to serve their customers, whether locally or from across the country. They’re marketing efforts using bed bath and beyond coupons have been very successful as well as their IT Data center also helps support these endeavors.

bedbathandbeyond coupons

Their financial outlook is also very good. At the end of the third quarter fiscal 2014, they were debt free. Their profit from last year was $1,043.8 million. They also returned ninety percent of its cash flow to shareholders through share repurchases over the past two years, which backs up their commitment to boost the value of their shareholders. They are also on track to open twenty-two near stores in fiscal year 2014.

The rise in coupon usage, shipping costs, and how the majority of their business is seasonal are the challenges they face, especially if the seasons do not produce the financial profits that they need. All businesses have challenges, but if Bed, Bath, and Beyond, chooses to use these challenges to grow, they can be continue to grow and profit, be a successful company with a name that is known worldwide year round, and become a company that is a household name, whether people all over the world are filling their bedrooms, bathrooms, and beyond with Bed, Bath, and Beyond items.